BMW LEDs for Speedometer

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Do you feel that the interior of your car is complete but that the speedometer gives your car an old feel?

BMW's original light in orange/RED can finally be replaced with something that gives a different touch and is more modern.

These are LEDs in white design that can be installed in all BMW E and F series.

The diodes are directional and of the same design as the original ones. The diodes are supplied with a 2-year warranty. The job requires dismantling the speedometer and soldering on the circuit board.


Choose from the following packages.

-E series: Sufficient diodes for changing 2 displays and 2 dials.

-F-Series: Sufficient diodes for changing 2 pcs large and 2 pcs small washers


As a purchaser of this kit, you yourself are responsible for investigating the procedure and installation. LZ-Customs is not responsible for damage to the vehicle during disassembly / assembly as a result of attempted installation.

LZ-Customs is not responsible for assistance in the sale of these diodes. If you do not feel confident about this job, LZ-Customs will help you to carry out the job. Get in touch by email to book an appointment.

Like all products from LZ-customs, this product comes with a 2-year warranty. See product description to see if this fits your car. If you are unsure, you are most welcome to contact us.

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